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2021年 功能材料实验室的博士生,埃尔希必威是什么牌子教betway东盟体育app
Charles Lambelet,Damir Temiraliuly,Marc Siegenthaler,Marc Wirth,Daniel G. Woolley,Olivier Lambercy,Roger Gassert和Nicole Wenderoth

背景技术慢性手和手腕损伤经常存在下面的行程和严重限制日常生活中的独立性。在抓住之前和在掌握之前和期间,手腕定向并稳定,因此在日常生活(ADL)的活动中是至关重要的。为了提高康复结果,可以通过可在无监督环境中应用的新疗法来补充古典疗法。这将使更多分布式的做法能够增加整体训练剂量。机器人技术提供了解决这一挑战的新可能性,但是对于独立培训的设备很容易和吸引使用。在这里,我们介绍了用于中风康复中的主动腕部延伸/屈曲支撑的完全便携式外骨骼的开发,表征和耐磨性评估。方法首先,我们定义了要求,并基于这些,构建了外骨骼。然后,我们的特征是具有标准化触觉和人机交互度量的设备。外骨骼由放置在前臂/手和上臂上的两个模块组成。这些模块分别称重238g和224g。 The forearm module actively supports wrist extension and flexion with a torque up to 3.7 Nm and an angular velocity up to 530 deg/s over a range of 154∘. The upper arm module includes the control electronics and battery, which can power the device for about 125 min in normal use. Special emphasis was put on independent donning and doffing of the device, which was tested via a wearability evaluation in 15 healthy participants and 2 stroke survivors using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Results All participants were able to independently don and doff the device after only 4 practice trials. For healthy participants the donning and doffing process took 61 ±15 s and 24 ±6 s, respectively. The two stroke survivors donned and doffed the exoskeleton in 54 s/22 s and 113 s/32 s, respectively. Usability questionnaires revealed that despite minor difficulties, all participants were positive regarding the device. Conclusions This study describes an actuated wrist exoskeleton which weighs less than 500 g, and which is easy and fast to don and doff with one hand. Our design has put special emphasis on the donning aspect of robotic devices which constitutes the first barrier a user will face in unsupervised settings. The proposed device is a first and intermediate step towards wearable rehabilitation technologies that can be used independently by the patient and in unsupervised settings.